LOL: You Need to See Shailene Woodley’s Crazy Hair Evolution Since 2006

If you’ve watched “Big Little Lies”—wait, ha, what a silly suggestion; of course you’ve already binged and loved “Big Little Lies,” because you aren’t AN INSANE PERSON—then you have a very clear image of Shailene Woodley’s appearance burned into your head: mousey brown hair, generally scooped back in a falling ponytail, with little-to-no makeup. You know; super glamorous. So when Woodley dyed her hair blonde with golden highlights last week, the internet promptly lost its mind, seemingly forgetting that Woodley hasn’t always looked like her character on TV.

Whaa? Yes, Woodley has actually had a few decades of life outside of “Big Little Lies,” with approximately one-billion hairstyles to prove it. And we mean radically different hair transformations, moving from huge, emo-level bangs in the early aughts to voluminous, butt-length waves a few years later, before rounding out the decade with a piece-y pixie cut. Basically, the total opposite of Jane Chapman (because, again, Woodley is a real human being). And because we’re very much in love with nostalgia, we combed through Woodley’s photographic past to find her best hair transformations the last 10 years. Click through to see them all, and then praise the beauty gods that your old Myspace photos are no longer in existence.


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