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 Dear Curt,

I have a small problem: You see, I have a really close girl friend that I respect, cherish and care for tremendously. The problem is that there is a space between the words "girl" and "friend." That's right, I'd like to date this woman.

I really feel as if we have so much in common. We do everything together: from rollerblading and cycling, to dancing. We even spend quiet summer nights talking about everything. On occasions, she confides in me about her relationships with potential boyfriends.

She has mentioned a few times that I am the perfect friend, that she has a lot of fun with me, and that we have a lot in common. So why don't I ask her out, you might ask? Well, I think I may have made the mistake of becoming too close of a friend.

She refers to me as her best friend, and never gives me signs that she'd like to take the relationship to another level. I really want to ask her out, but I'm afraid that if she refuses, the friendship will suffer and eventually terminate.

I really like this woman and don't want to take this chance; I'd rather sit back and enjoy her company. So now I ask you, do I take the chance and ask her out? And if she says, "I just want to be friends," how do I convince her to fall in love with me, as I have fallen for her?

Your friendly neighbor,
Teddy Huckleberry

Set your priorities straight

It seems that as times change and more men become in tune with pleasing women's needs, they have somehow lost touch with their priorities along with their self-worth.

The problem Teddy faces is that he's not fully appreciating his value both as a friend and a lover. If he feels this way, then why should any other woman value him any higher?

Teddy wants big rewards — he wants to date his dream girl — so if he wants big rewards, he's going to have to take big risks. This means he will have to ask her out at the risk of losing the friendship.

In order to help him with his decision, let's first take a closer look at the whole "just friends" mystery. Or as I like to call it, "The Teddy Bear Syndrome" (women love their teddy bears, but they never want to copulate with them).

What do these friendly women want?

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