Cologne has some serious super powers. If you choose the right one, it can boost your confidence and make everyone around you totally swoon. And if you choose the wrong one, it has a not-so-cool power: making everyone within a 5-foot radius suddenly disappear. While your friends might not give it to you straight and let you know whether you should stock up on your cologne or throw it in the garbage, there are some people who won’t hold back: women, of course.

Sure, you probably get whiffs of your cologne of choice throughout the day, but women also have a keen sense of smell and might just be the best ones to let you know which bottles to add to your collection. And hey — maybe your favorite scent already made the cut. We asked eight real ladies which colognes they can’t get enough of, and here’s what they said.

Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte

“Eau d'Orange Verte is fresh and clean and not overpowering — so much so that I can steal some, too!”Katie A.

This Hermes cologne doesn't just look classy on your dresser — it's also a favorite of the ladies. With an invigorating, fresh scent that combines citrusy oranges and the woods, it gives off a sexy summery vibe you could easily get lost in.
$129.00 at

Dior Sauvage

“I love colognes that smell fresh but also have a nice musk to them, and this one by Dior is one of my favorites.” — Christopher M.

Sauvage pretty much screams masculinity, so if that’s what you’re going for, pick up a bottle immediately. Said to be a raw and noble scent with orangey, leathery, and woody notes, it definitely has the ability to bring out an inner bad boy.
$74.00 at

Montblanc Legend

“I absolutely love Montblanc! This scent clean and has that ‘guy’ smell, but it’s more mature than something like Axe. Also, it also lasts all day.” — Miranda C.

There’s something oh-so-mysterious about Montblanc’s Legend cologne. With a mix of woody and floral notes combined with tonka beans and sandalwood, it’s a sensual scent that will surely help you walk tall.
$88.00 at

Giorgio Armani Beauty Acqua Di Gio

“It's sophisticated and manly, but not too strong and overwhelming. Whenever my husband wears it, it brings me right back to when we met!” — Taylor H.

You can never go wrong with Armani, right? Acqua Di Gio is a classic that might just transport you to the Mediterranean with a single spritz. Said to be born from the sea, sun, and earth, this scent combines elements of nature into a masculine fragrance.
$102.00 at

Kenneth Cole Reaction

“Kenneth Cole Reaction has such a seductive smell; I love buying it for my husband!” — Chelsey S.

There’s a chance you’ve owned this cologne at some point in your life, and it might be time to dust off your bottle. Reaction has invigorating notes of lime, melon rind, green apple, and musk that put off a fresh and energetic blend that will make you feel fresh and energetic.
$27.49 at

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

“I love how Light Blue isn’t too heavy or musky smelling; it’s never good when cologne is too strong.” — Kaley M.

Your scent won’t be overpowering when you spritz on some Light Blue. With notes of citrus, oak moss, and bergamot, the result is a refreshing mix that will make you feel sophisticated, put-together, and sexy, all at the same time.
$67.00 at

Gucci Guilty

“Guilty has a refreshing scent to it that's slightly sweet with just the right amount of masculine tones. I love how it’s not overpowering, but still lasts all day long; it definitely makes me want to nuzzle into my man’s neck and get cozy!” — Hannah N.

You’ve been caught red-handed! (For smelling so amazing, that is.) Guilty laces lemon with lavender and patchouli for the perfect warming scent that’s just as romantic as it is electric. It’s not your typical ultra-manly scent, but it’s uniqueness is what sets it apart.
$69.00 at

Old Spice Classic Cologne Spray

“This might be odd, but I love the smell of Old Spice. It feels so warm and comfortable.” — Anika B.

We bet you didn’t expect to see Old Spice on the list. The classic cologne has been around for generations, but that’s what women love about it: it’s full of memories. It’s definitely not fancy, but it’s certainly timeless. And with that being said, a little goes a long way.
$14.06 at



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