Emma Watson’s Beauty Transformation Since 2002 Is Seriously Good

Anyone who has even so much as glanced at a picture of Emma Watson can attest to the fact that she’s essentially perfect, right? I mean, not to get all fan girl-y, but Watson is the epitome of #BeautyGoals, and with her downright inspiring philanthropic work and advocacy, she’s basically become our overall #HumanGoals, too. So when we came across a total throwback to Watson’s wee days as Hermione Granger—glitter eyeshadow and pink lip gloss in all— we couldn’t help but think of the many hair and makeup looks the actress experimented with before becoming the inspo-worthy actress we know and love (OK, sort of obsess over) today.

From blunt, flat-ironed bangs in 2006 to a Tinker Bell-level pixie cut in 2010, Watson has explored pretty much every hair and makeup trend of the last decade. And somehow, she pulled off just about every damn one of them. (Well, OK—maybe her side-parted bangs were a bit of a stretch, but it’s nothing in comparison to your side ponytails or chunky highlights from the early aughts). But as much as we’d like to describe each and every one of the looks for you, we went ahead and rounded up all of Emma Watson’s best beauty evolution moments, beginning in 2002 and ending in 2017. See her epic transformation, ahead.


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