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Buying a razor can be a harrowing experience. The major players are entrenched, making laying siege to your wallet. The model choices are myriad and as confusing as the plot of Game of Thrones. But unlike the bloody HBO series, there are only a few major characters that dominate the landscape. In fact, when you go to buy a razor or cartridges, you realize how limited the selection of manufacturers really is. Gillette, Schick, The Art of Shaving…

And then there are the costs. The device itself is affordable, but the disposable parts are not. A fancy looking, grippy-rubber handle is thrown in to entice you, and you get a measly couple of cartridges with it. Then, when those wear out, you need replacements or a shaving subscription to restock monthly. A few multi-blade razor cartridges will cost you $4 per cartridge, a small fortune if you happen to live paycheck to paycheck. But the landscape is changing when it comes to the best shaving subscriptions, with newer faces making serious headway. 

All of this increased competition is a very good thing as shaving is, at least for most of us, a daily requirement. The fact that we’ve gotten locked into paying hefty sums just to keep ourselves well-groomed so we can work at jobs and afford said razors is a travesty, but a few manufacturers have taken the fight to the big boys, and they’re making the established brands a bit nervous, and for good reason. Their prices tend to be far more affordable, and the razors no longer look like Klingon rifles, but have simple, clean, classic designs. 


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Harry’s is easily the most notable new player in game and definitely makes a case as one of the best shaving subscriptions for men. Harry’s has taken the razor world by storm, and they’re growing by leaps and bounds. Co-founders Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield took one look at the brutally expensive and monopolized razor business and decided to do something about it. After getting hosed at a local drugstore purchasing cartridge razor refills from behind a locked case, they started Harry’s — and not only did they bring a great product to the market, they turned the longstanding business on its head. 

As opposed to space age-looking packages and razor handles from a skunk works project, Harry’s aesthetic is more old school classic, a welcomed return to a time when razors exuded simple style. Rather than going with a truly old school safety razor, they figured that they’d buck the trend of cartridge razors by making their own. The handles are ergonomically brilliant, come in four gorgeous colors — or upgrade to fancy aluminum — they feature a simple logo and no unnecessary rubber grips that trap dried shaving cream like the big boys’ versions. Initial kits only cost $15 and include a razor handle, two five-blade cartridges, and your choice of shave cream or gel. Refills cost less than $2 a pop. You can sign up for a regular subscription or just purchase as needed. Shipping is free, and their website is not only intuitive but visually appealing. Harry’s also prides themselves on an excellent customer service experience. 

Harry’s has also recently — and shockingly — raised $122 million and purchased a longstanding German razor blade factory that’s been around since 1920. They are now the only new razor company to own the entire process from soup to nuts, including design, sales and manufacturing. The big guys have been put on notice because of Harry’s, with Gillette recently starting its own shaving subscription online.
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