5 Insanely Cool Under-$10 Beauty Products at Ulta Right Now

Guys, we really, really tried to practice self-control this month. We ignored the daily flash sales emails and the pop-up shops in the mall, and we even promised to stop filling our online carts with hundreds of products we’d never actually buy. And then June 1 hit, and our favorite beauty stores—ULTA, ULTA, ULTA—added their monthly supply of new products, and our resolve completely faded to zero. But honestly, we don’t really care anymore, because we combed through the newest goods this morning and found such freakishly awesome (and cheap!) products, that we’ve decided to tell our bank accounts to suck it this month.

Luckily, though, Ulta’s June assortment is loaded with brand-new makeup, skin-care, and hair products that are not only incredibly cool, but truly affordable. And with summer officially just a few weeks away, we can confidently say that these products, like self-tanning sheet masks and humidity-blocking hairsprays, will slip right into your warm-weather beauty routines. Click through to see the five best Ulta beauty products to shop right this second, and don’t forget to check back next month for our July picks.

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