7 Brand-New Arrivals to Buy at Sephora Today

If this were any other day, we’d be incredibly ticked off that our alarms didn’t wake us up on time, or super heated that our commute to work was delayed to no end, and that the weather has been replaying a gloomy and rainy loop for what feels like eternity. But nope, not today—because it’s officially June, and that means nothing can stop our beauty-obsessed selves from reveling in the godsend that is Sephora’s brand-freaking-new arrivals.

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Yep, clear out your shopping cart and scrap that wish list you’ve been building on for months, ‘cause Sephora’s June arrivals have officially hit, and they’re so damn good that even your shittiest of shitty days will be made (looking at you, silky K-beauty primers and violet-infused sheet masks). But before you get overwhelmed by the heaps of new products, we went through and narrowed it down to the top seven hair, makeup, and skin-care products that you need, like, today— all for under $20. Shop all seven of our picks below, and make sure you check back next month for July’s newness.


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