The Best Anti-Aging Hair Products That Really Work

“Oh, my god,” you say. “Anti-aging hair products? Just stop. STOP.” Listen, we know. We know how stupidly insane all of this anti-aging stuff has gotten, how the entire beauty world seems obsessed with stopping gravity and life’s natural cycle through anti-aging neck creams, wrinkle-reducing blushes, and line-plumping lip products. But before you dis the anti-aging hair category, trust us when we say that these products really do work—just not in the same way of your retinols.

Because no, anti-aging hair products won’t reduce the nonexistent wrinkles in your hair shaft or give you the lush hair that you had as a toddler, but they will keep your hair from turning dry, frizzy, wired, and faded as you age, which is all you can really hope for when dealing with something that’s already, you know, dead. Because these shampoos, conditioners, serums, mists, and hairsprays are all specifically formulated to shield your hair from damage using powerful antioxidants, UV shields, and color-preservers, all of which will leave you protected from turning into the Crypt Keeper. Click through to see our favorite anti-agers, below, and add in a few to your current rotation tomorrow. Your hair in 20 years will thank you.

Best Anti-Aging Hair Products | woman with shiny curly hair


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