The 9 Best Waterproof Foundations You Won’t Sweat Off

Ah, summer—you tricky, tricky asshole. We wait for you all year to come back and save us from the doldrums of winter, and you repay us by immediately spiking to 100-degree temps that threaten to melt off every tiny speck of makeup on our faces. And some of us *need* our foundation, OK? Some of us don’t have perfect, ethereal-level skin that can go without coverage on the beach or on sweaty picnics. But luckily, this problem isn’t really a problem anymore, because the beauty world has blessed us with waterproof, sweat-proof, stay-all-day foundation formulas that actually work.

Sadly, though, waterproof foundation has gotten a bad rap over the years, thanks to some shitty early-edition formulas that applied like cake batter and dried down to a moisture- (and soul-) sucking finish that highlighted every bump and pore on your face. In a word: gross. But the new wave of long-wear foundations are nothing like their cousins; they’re infused with super-hydrating, skin-softening ingredients like hyaluronic acid glycerin, and they can be worn on even the driest of skin tones without fear of your face flaking off. Basically, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try a waterproof foundation today, and to get you started, we rounded up the very best formulas, below. Click through to find your new favorite, and throw up your middle finger to summer.


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