The 13 Best Colored Mascaras That Literally Anyone Can Wear

Colored mascara is the shit. We can make that sweeping generalization because it is 100-percent fact, and if you’ve ever worn colored mascara, you know we’re right. Because unlike swiping on a vibrant, cobalt blue eyeshadow or shimmery, emerald green eyeliner (which, if you’re a strict black-or-brown makeup enthusiast, can take some courage to wear), coating your lashes in a colored mascara is surprisingly easy, and ridiculously gorgeous, and it kicks your blah, no-makeup makeup days up approximately 500 notches.

Hey, just trust us, OK? Because if you don’t hop on the bandwagon now, you’ll be stuck with your ol’ brownish-black mascara while your best friend, your co-worker, and your friendly neighborhood barista Tracy all wear this summer’s prettiest new colored mascaras. Yes, this is peer pressure, and yes, you should give in. So to get you started on our favorite makeup trend, we rounded up the best formulas in green, blue, purple, red, and gold—yes, gold—along with a bunch of inspo picks to show you how to wear them. Click through to see the lineup, below.


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