The Easiest Way to Cut Your Own Bangs at Home Like a Pro

Last week, a friend texted me an all-caps question: “HOW DO I GIVE MYSELF BANGS?!” But before I could respond with a bunch of “don’ts,” she sent me a picture of her slightly butchered new hair and a few blushing emojis. I mean, props to her for saying screw it and attempting a major cut with zero experience, but, you know, definitely don’t try her approach at home. Because if you want to cut bangs at home, you need to do some research—and that’s where we come in.

Ideally, you would all make appointments with your hairstylists and bring in a bunch of carefully curated inspiration photos and leave with the bangs of your dreams. But, I’m a realist, and I know that you’re probably going to chop them off by yourself anyway, so I’d like to help in your journey by giving you some incredibly helpful bang-cutting tutorials, below, to avoid any and all hair mishaps.










straight bangs inspo The Easiest Way to Cut Your Own Bangs at Home Like a Pro


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