So, Hair-Marbling Is a Thing Now

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond.

Hair-marbling is the newest trend to take over Instagram and we have feelings. [Allure]

The normally sober Kim Kardashian posted videos of her taking tequila shots for a kind of weird reason. [The Cut]

Michelle Obama pointed out the unfairness of her husband’s outfit repeats. [Vanity Fair]

Millennials are apparently taking an entirely new approach to skin care. [Fashionista]

Lauren Conrad released another maternity line at Kohl’s. [People]

Former Playboy Playmates recreated their cover photos decades later and they’re still fierce AF. [Playboy]

Bella Thorne may be rekindling a past relationship. [Cosmo]

Justin Bieber‘s security guard is hotter than he is, and the Internet is obsessed. [BuzzFeed]

Somewhat predictably, Ivanka Trump‘s Us Weekly cover photo turned into one big meme. [Marie Claire]

Want to freak your parents out? Try these tattoos. [Teen Vogue]

The Internet jumped to Jessica Simpson‘s defense after a photo of her daughter took some serious heat. [Cosmo]

If you thought Rihanna couldn’t be a more angelic human being, you were wrong. [Instagram]


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