Summer Hairstyle Ideas June

We get it: The moment summer hits, you want your hair off your neck and out of your face and practically never to be seen from until there’s a hint of chill in the air again. But at the same time, you want it to look effortless and bedhead-y and possibly braided and absolutely never frizzy. Hey, same!

And while we’re huge proponents of letting your hair do its thing all year round, it’s particularly difficult to let that happen if your hair’s thing is morphing itself into a shrubbery-shaped ball of puffiness the moment humidity comes into play. With that in mind, we found 30 hairstyles to try—one for every single day of the month—that won’t drive you up a wall if you happen to begin shvitzing the moment you leave your apartment. Ahead, an awesome braid that won’t require four hands, a haircut that’ll let you walk right out the door, and a slicked-back look that everyone should keep in their back pocket.


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