Summer is almost here and when the temperature heats up, you’re going to want to put aside your cool weather scents. The cologne you wear becomes more pronounced in the summer heat and if you keep wearing the scents you wore last season, you’ll be quickly dubbed “that cologne guy” in the worst way possible. Don’t just reach for that Burberry Summer cologne you’ve been wearing for the last few summers, go for something different.

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During the hot summer days you will want to look for a fragrance that is fresh, bright, and watery. These will key elements will assure you that this season you smell good for yourself and for others without being overbearing. Cold and spring fragrances are designed be powerful enough to cut through the cooler temperatures like a knife so you can smell good despite the temperature drop.

But when the temperature heats up your scent cloud is pushed out further, meaning the powerful scent becomes enhanced to the point that you will turn off the people around you. On a summer night when temperatures drop ever so slightly you’ll want all that fresh, bright, citrus goodness plus a dose of spicy and sweet notes added to amp up your style and call the right kind of attention.

Notes to Look For

  • Fruit: Blood Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Coconut, Mango
  • Aquatic: Seawater, Musk, Salt, Ambergris
  • Floral: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Iris, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Geranium
  • Green: Cypress, Basil, Pine, Mint, Clary Sage, Laurels, Rosemary, Rice

If you’re wondering whether you should get cologne, toilette, or parfum strength — don’t. Weaker or stronger oil content won’t matter much when you choose a fragrance with the right kind of notes for the summer.

It ultimately comes down to choosing if you want to be another guy wearing Tommy Summer or be a guy that takes a chance and turns heads in the process. The old classics will always be there, but if you want to stand out this summer you need to try something fresh. So whether you want something totally new or looking for a twist on your classic favorites, these are the hottest colognes of the summer!

For A Day Out

Dior Homme Sport By Christian Dior

For your early morning gym sessions, look no further than Dior Homme Sport. It’s a light lemon, blood orange, grapefruit combination with a subtle floral nuance in the background. Wearing this, you’ll smell good without being that weird cologne guy at the gym. No amount of intense workout will make your scent shout at any gym goers around you. This is a personal fragrance that is bound to get you going in the morning.
$74.00 at

Light Blue Eau Intense By Dolce & Gabbana

A fresh out of the shower clean scent with notes of sea water that are reminiscent of the ocean without smelling like you just took a swim in there. Mandarin and frozen grapefruit blended with musk lend a light cirtusy freshness to the aquatic accord that will enliven your morning in town better than a cup of coffee. Clean, crisp, and confident — a spray of Light Blue Eau Intense will start this man’s day in the right direction.
$68.00 at Nordstrom

Eau d’Hadrien By Annick Goutal

Sicilian lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin, and a hint of woodiness thanks to a cypress note, blend into a bright citrus accord that is smooth and inviting. Rumor has it that this is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite fragrances that he wears. Though I couldn’t confirm it, I wouldn’t be surprised as this scent gives off a vibe of cool confidence one would expect from the Wolf of Wall Street star or any man that wears it.
$182.00 at

For A Night Out

Artisan Blu By John Varvatos

Perfect for your early evening escapades, John Varvatos has expertly balanced fresh and spicy with Artisan Blu. While a breezy pine dances in and out, it’s the spicy accord that owns this scent — even as notes of lavender, geranium, iris, and cedar peak through. Finally a blend of basil and bergamot effortlessly stand front and center through the entirety of this fragrance, crafting a scent that is equally as wearable in shorts and a t-shirt as it is in your best summer suit and tie.
$69.00 at

Boss The Scent Intense By Hugo Boss

If you’re not familiar with the maninka fruit, you would be forgiven. This relatively unknown fruit from South Africa is believed among locals to have aphrodisiac powers. In my experience testing out this fragrance, I’d have a hard time arguing that. In Boss the Scent Intense the maninka smells like a spiced red apple. Blended with notes of ginger, cardamom, leather, and vanilla it is truly an intensified version of its predecessor. Maninka is the star but leather and vanilla in its foundation enhance the scent’s dry down in a truly satisfying way that garnered numerous compliments every night I was out wearing it.
$94.00 at

Invictus Intense By Paco Rabanne

Invictus Intense is not about the individual notes, but about the spicy sweet blend created from the notes combined.  The original Invictus was intense in its own right, but where the original fragrance had an intense aquatic accord with a strong sweetness in the background, Invictus Intense has an intense sweetness with the aquatic accord strong in the background. This differentiation makes it a powerhouse fragrance suitable for your late night club encounters.
$95.00 at

For The Man Always On The Go

Acqua di Gio Profumo By Giorgio Armani

The original Acqua di Gio is one of, if not, the best-selling fragrance of all time. And for good reason — it smells amazing! But with that amazing smell comes the fact that practically every man has worn this scent and as a result women’s scent memories are deeply attached to many men other than yourself wearing it. So if you love the classic, try the latest iteration in Acqua di Gio Profumo. Stripping away numerous fruit notes and adding a hint of incense from the original insures it has the same classic scent you know and love, but now when you go place to place you can trigger new memories that are attached to you.
$72.00 at

Sauvage Very Cool Spray By Christian Dior

Sauvage Very Cool Spray takes everything you loved about the original Sauvage with an intensely bright citrus accord from beginning to end and puts it in a unique bottle ready for adventure. With an air-powered system designed to spray continuously even when upside down, it may remind you of the oversprayed fragrances from high school, but this bottle is pure class. Speaking of the bottle, it’s not glass and is designed to take a tumble without taking serious damage. (Yes, I tossed it around to test it so you don’t have to).
$79.00 at

For The Beach

Eternity Now By Calvin Klein

Eternity Now is like a fresh piña colada, making this the quintessential beach scent. Opening with coconut and instead of pineapple, a bright juicy carambola that adds a dose of energy to this fragrance. As the day goes on, the fruit subsides and coconut steals the spotlight. Meanwhile, vanilla and tonka add a roasted sweetness to the dry down making this a welcome scent for an all day party on the beach. While Calvin Klein’s latest Eternity Summer and CK One Summer cologne are perfectly suitable scents for the summer, Eternity Now is so unique from any of their other summer iterations, that you’ll be standing out from any beach crowd when you wear this hot scent.
$62.00 at

Moonlight In Heaven By Kilian

When the sun goes down and you’re ready to lay in the cabana enjoying the cool night breeze next to the woman in your life, Moonlight in Heaven will help make it a night to remember. Notes of mango, coconut, and grapefruit keep things tropical and invigorating. As the tropical scent moves to the background, notes of tonka bean, rice, and vetiver come forward adding a sensual dark, nutty, sweet vibe to take your night on the beach to the next level.
$285.00 at

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